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Hello world! is the first line of code that I learned long time ago(80's). Over the past years my appetitive to learn the last cool tech news is still alive! . To know more about some particular technology, new trends or how to do things is easier now than before.

Technology advanced faster than ever to help us to progress and get our job done. That is so awesome dude!!, right?

In this section, I am going to share some interesting articles, interviews, videos or anything that is state of the art that I found in the cloud. You can read or watch or listen, just click in one of the buttons of your preferences. I hope you can enjoy them


Laughing is wonderful for everybody and every day. To learn how to do it is a matter of time and positive energy. I want to share with you this feeling. In the followoing links you can want click in one of the button to enjoy it.

Not enough! Watch this:

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Business News

One of most important daily task that I have is keep an eye in the global economy. It is true that nobady knows when will be the next buble or economic crisis. It does not mean that we have to close our eyes or be blind to our reality. In this section I want to share with you guys one of the most importants economic online news, money exchange rates or the stock markets. Just pick one of the links and enjoy a global economic tour.

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